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You've always wanted to try it...
NOW you have a
KGB kiteboarding, Inc. has produced
sponsored riders for well known companies.

KGB kiteboarding, Inc. has begun and is
working hard on kiteboarding movement in
Russia and Ukraine.

We get e-mails and pictures from our
students weekly!


You have made my learning to kitesurf so much easier
and fun, even though I was initially scared to get into
this sport.  Now I make sure we bring our kites with us
whenever my husband and I sail to the Keys. Thank
you for your patience and all your help!


Vicky M.

Daytona Beach, FL

"Thank you for teaching me the works! After 3 days of
lessons I was jumping 10 foot airs on the water! Bryan."

Bryan W.

Tybee Island, GA

"This is Angela and Bob from Pensacola, Florida! We
purchased lessons and gear from KGB last August. We
have been riding ever since! Thank you for a wonderful
experience and a new hobby that my boyfriend and I now

Angela B.

Pensacola, FL

"I took kiteboarding lessons before being shipped to
Japan. I would like to thank my instructor for excellent
training I received while in Jacksonville. All my gear is
top quality, and my board and my kite are just the right
size for me.

Thank you."

Rory T.  

Okinawa, Japan